Your Decision Your Choice

Your decision is your choice.  That is what this website is about. Your decision to view a cartoon presentation called, ‘Your Destiny Your Choice’ will be a smart one  Your decision will be the most important you’ll ever make for your decision could change your life!  Your life could radically change for the better!

Your Destiny Your Choice YDYC- for short, is about helping you live life to the max and become all you can be.  YDYC will help you make a wise choice – your decision will be the most important you’ll ever have to make! For your destiny is based on your decision.

Wilma Watson, a producer of the website, left nursing to pursue avenues to help people to be sure of their destiny for it greatly sadden her to see people die without being sure they were going to Heaven. It was when the kernel of an idea began to form – a website designed to be seeker-friendly, easy to understand, inviting, fun to use, both unthreatening and non-compromising in its message.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Am I sure of my final destiny?” “Is there any meaning to my life? Is there a purpose for me being here on earth? What am I here for?”

If you are asking yourself any of these questions you are not alone. Millions of people around the world are searching for the meaning of life every day.

What has been your approach to find some purpose to life? Have you sought to be successful? Being successful is good, but success does not equal purpose.

You can reach all your goals and succeed in life and still feel something is missing inside. Or perhaps you have thought that your purpose in life is to be found in making a name for yourself, to be remembered.

Perhaps you are looking for purpose in life by staying alive as long as you can. Or maybe you believe that life’s purpose is found through pleasure – the weekends cannot come around quick enough!

Only in God, our creator, can we discover the true meaning and purpose for life. Wie viel kostet es, in Deutschland 15 Tage lang ein Kredit ohne schufa aufzunehmen? Muss ich dafür arbeiten?

Without God life makes no sense. God created you for a purpose. The Bible says God is love and wants to express his love through you. You matter to God. He will not only give meaning and purpose to life but help you take control of your future.

Life is filled with choices! Your decision will be what makes the difference!

A cartoon flash presentation will show you how to make the right decision and help you be all you can be.  It is your decision!

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