Your Choice – Movie

What is your destiny? It is your choice! Watch a movie and make your choice today. Download movie free. Most people at some stage in life think about Heaven, the afterlife and death.  Questions arise like, “How do I get to Heaven?”  What is after death?” and “Where is Heaven?” Your destiny is your choice! How do I get to Heaven?”  What is after death?” and “Where is Heaven?”

In a movie called, ‘Your Destiny Your Choice’ you’ll find answers.

Your Destiny Your Choice - movie

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Your Choice 

We all make choices every day. The outcome is your choice! God has armed us with the power to choose. You will live in the choices you make…. so choose wisely.

It has been well said: “We have more power than we realize. We have power because we can choose.”

Of course every day requires choices; some are simple; some life-changing, but the power of choice is a gift we often take for granted.

God created man with ability to choose. And with this ability to choose, He gave man the responsibility of his choices.

The choices we make actually define who we are. Choices establish our core values that shape our faith and our actions, and determine how we live.

‘Your Destiny your Choice’ movie is about the choices you make in your life.

You CAN choose to change your life today! It will be your choice!

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