True life changing testimonies of people from all walks of life. Testimonies of how they are now free from depression and the effects of child abuse, domestic violence and more…

cartoon presentation will illustrate clearly that there is a God who loves you & has the ability to meet every need you have.

Life Changing Testimonies

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Explore video, audio, and written stories about people who have been radically transformed by Jesus Christ in all sorts of ways.

Testimonies of successful leaders

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Hal Thomas: Refusing to Compromise Pays Big Dividends   Hal Thomas: Refusing to Compromise Pays Big Dividends
The higher you rise in the world of business, the stronger the temptation to exchange your principles for success.

Faith Brings Family Unity - and Business Success   Faith Brings Family Unity – and Business Success
“One thing I’ve learned from my Dad is that many times a hard decision is the right decision,” says Steve Schrimsher.

Are You Looking for Something to Lean On?   Are You Looking for Something to Lean On?
Lavonne Kruse, determined to be successful.

Profile on: Brigadier General (ret.) Robinson Risner, veteran pilot and Viet Cong POW.

Testimonies of Changed Lives of professional Atheletes

Click here for stories of Professional and Olympic athletes who talk about the adversity they have wrestled with, and how they found peace, joy, contentment and true victory in their lives.

Sports include:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Olympic sports
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

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More Life Changing Testimonies

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Life stories about:

  • Overcoming heavy drug addiction
  • Escaping the ‘gay’ life
  • Teenagers life story
  • Finding freedom while in jail
  • Recovering from abuse
  • Overcoming anger
  • Overcoming the cycle of domestic violence

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