Prayer to God

Say a prayer to God. The Bible and prayer go together. Without the Word of God a prayer to God has no foundation. Claiming the promises of God will add life to your prayers. A prayer to God and the Word of God is vital because the Bible reveals much about prayer.

Pray to God. The Bible and prayer. Promises of God

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Prayer to God

E.W. Kenyon explains, “All the mighty achievements wrought by men of God have been accomplished by faith in the written Word.”

Why is the Word of God vital in prayer?

  1. The Word of God is vital in prayer to God because in it God Himself is speaking.

The Bible is more than a collection of fancy sayings for a few religious fanatics.  Scripture contains the very words of God.  Kenyon preaches, “You can lean on the Word as you would lean on Him. You can rest in the Word as you would rest in Him. You can act on the Word as you would act if He had just spoken to you. The Word is always now.”

In a sense God, Himself, becomes a part of our prayer when we use His Word while praying.

To bring God’s Word into prayer is to bring God into prayer!

2. The Word of God is vital in prayer to God because the Bible is alive.

When God is in something it will be alive because God is alive. A Chinese Christian says of this subject, “We must not come to the Bible only to learn and to understand.  The Bible is not the tree of knowledge; it is the tree of life! All Christians know that the function of the Word of God is to reveal God to us. Although this is true, this is not the main function.  The main function of the Bible is not only to give us knowledge about God and His love, but to impart God Himself into us.”

In the Word we find life, so to add the Word to our prayer adds life to our prayer!

3. The Word of God is vital in prayer to God because it reveals God’s nature and power.

Only as we know God’s nature can we know God’s will, which is essential to successful prayer. Here is why God’s word is so vital to prayer. In the Bible we discover the nature and power of God.  There is absolutely no limit to the ability of God as unveiled in His Word.

This is why we need an understanding of God’s Word if we wish to pray with power!

4. The Word of God is the parent to all faith.

“Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God,” Paul wrote to Romans believers (Romans 10:17).  Later in Hebrews we read, “Through faith w e understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear” (Hebrews 11:3).

When God spoke, creation responded, He simply said, “Let there be light,” and light appeared.  Thus, God and His Worde are one.

To live in the Word of God is to live in the faith of God.  Faith comes by familiarity with the Bible!

5. The Word of God is vital in prayer to God because it says much about prayer.

The entire Bible declares God’s willingness to answer man’s prayers. In a sense, it is the greatest book ever written on this subject. E.M. Bounds declares, “The whole canon of Bible teaching is to illustrate the great truth that God hears and answers prayer.”  Even a casual reading of Scripture reveals how much of this unique book is comprised of man’s communion with God.

Thus, to learn about prayer our key source must be the Word of God!

Have you said a prayer to God today?  Trust you have learnt  the important  of  the Bible and prayer and how they go together. For without the Word of God and the promises of God our prayers have no foundation.  The Word of God is vital in prayer because the Bible reveals much about prayer.  Claiming the promises of God will add life to your prayers.

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