How to Trust God

Learn how to trust God and have faith in God. A movie for all who are struggling with the issue of trust and want to learn how to trust God!

 How to Trust God

Lawyer Bob Kuhn in the video “The importance of being trusted”, shares his thoughts on trust. He says that we live our lives based on trust every day. It is impossible to have a significant relationship without trust. Bob shares his thoughts on trust and the antidote to fear.

When you trust a person, you believe that they have your best interest at heart.  Often our lack of trust in God comes from a wrong concept of God.  Watch this short movie and discover how good God is and how much he loves you.  God has your best interest at heart! 

Your Destiny Your Choice
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Deep down, we direct our disappointments toward God – thinking that somehow he let us down.  You trusted God for eternal life; why not trust him then amid the adversities of daily life?  Discover in this movie how to trust God and  keep your faith in him when going through a tough time.

Your Destiny Your Choice

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