How To Mend a Broken Heart

Heart broken? Discover how to mend a broken heart. Broken heart poem, quotes, sayings and movie will show you how to mend a broken heart.

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How to Mend a Broken Heart by Wilma Watson

Broken or wounded hearts require as much care and time as any other wound. As a trained nurse I have cared for many wounds, both physically and emotionally. Emotional wounds due to a break up can be more painful than physical wounds, but the healing process is the same.  Read on and discover how…

Poem – How to Mend a Broked Heart

A sad poem turns into a glad poem and a lost love poem into a poem of hope.

Does it feel like your heart is ripped in two
And your days seem O so blue?

Have you given all your heart
Only to see it torn apart?

Do you feel he or she does not care
As if you were never there?

Do you feel you can’t trust again
And left in continual pain?

Do you feel you must face tomorrow
All alone, with so much sorrow?

There is hope my friend for you today
Stop and listen, don’t walk away

There’s someone who loves you very much
It’s not a lie, you’ll see as such

About things you can’t change in any way
You can talk to God night or day

You can trust him for he really cares
He said, I’ll never leave you there

I came to heal your broken heart
And help you find a brand new start

head_cartoon_4.jpgClick here for a cartoon flash presentation that will help you make a fresh start. If you are in pain from an ended relationship you are probably wondering, “Will my wounded or broken heart ever be healed?”

How to mend a broken heart – broken or wounded hearts require as much care and time as any other wound. As a trained nurse I have cared for many wounds, both physically and emotionally.

Emotional wounds can be more painful than physical wounds, but the healing process is the same.

How to Mend a Broken Heart – Every wound needs cleansing

The function of blood within our bodies is to keep us alive.  It also keeps our bodies healthy by cleansing our systems and wounds.  Cleansing is one of the main purposes of the blood of Jesus.  The Bible says, ‘The blood of Jesus, God’s Son, cleanses us from every sin.” 1 John 1:7b   Sin is anything that is not like God’s holy and perfect nature.  Everyone has sinned in some way, at some time. God is love, so anything that is not spoken or done with love is sin.

Would you like to make a fresh start and have every unloving word or deed forgiven by God?

Watch this movie called, ‘Living Free’ and experience God’s cleansing.

How to be saved?  What is the gospel?

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 How to Mend a Broken Heart – Every wound needs protection

Are you feeling vulnerable?  Suffering with feelings of a low self esteem, emptiness, loneliness, sadness or depression?  It is during your most vulnerable time that you need others to protect and comfort you.   It has been said that, “God is closest to those with a broken heart.” The Bible says he sent Jesus to heal the broken hearted. (Isaiah 61:2)   How does Jesus heal a broken heart?

Firstly, Jesus wants you to know that your value comes from who you are, not from who you are with. You are beautiful in his sight. He loves you unconditionally. That means you do not have to perform to gain his love.

Secondly, Jesus knows and understands your pain and wants to heal your wounded heart.  Someone has said, “God can heal a broken heart but he has to have all the pieces.”   By giving God all the pieces, you are handing over to him your situation. You can talk to him and tell him all your troubles.

God has promised to comfort us in our time of sorrow and heal our wounds.  Don’t ask me how he does it, I just know he does!  I have experienced it and seen many others experience it too! He fills us with his peace and joy, with the assurance that he is bigger than our situation, able to protect us and take care of our future.

How to Mend a Broken Heart  – Every wound needs time to heal

Have you ever picked the scar from a wound before it is properly healed? The same can happen when you have a wounded heart. You can go back and pick at things that have happened in the past.

There has to come a time of releasing the one who has hurt you and moving on.   The Bible instructs us to “Release and you will be released.”  (Luke 6:37)   To release someone you have to forgive them. If you truly forgive someone (or yourself), you cannot blame’ that person, even though to the rational mind he/she is blameworthy’.  It follows that, if you do not blame’ a person, you cannot resent’.   In the same way, if you do not resent’, you cannot hold bitterness and so if we do not hold bitterness, then you do not hate (or dislike) the individual.  If you do not hate, then you are not held in bondage emotionally.   If we release through forgiveness the one who has hurt us, we are released too and can move on to greater things.

Did you find the broken heart poem, quotes and sayings helpful? Did you discover tips that showed you how to mend a broken heart?

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