Family Poem

Free family poem about life, friendship and love of a mother and daughters. Family poem for dad – from daughter to mother or mom…

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 Family Poem

A free inspirational poem for Dad or Father, Mother to Daughter poem and a poem from Daughter to Mother or Mom.

Love Expressed in Different Ways – by Bill and Wilma Watson

Our four children express their love in different ways
We accept them as they are and it really pays

Our eldest daughter, Leanne, loves to give us gifts
And an encouraging word that always uplifts

Our second daughter, Carolyn, is a great encourager
She’s known for her cards and as a writer

Our third daughter, Becci, is forever on the go
She expresses her love by buying us clothes

Our youngest, Peter, likes to spend quality time
He thinks flying us to be with him is just sublime

Each of them is full of warmth and love
Children are such a blessing from above

It’s a wonderful thing to know the love of a family. As young children we were taught the well-known Lord’s Prayer that starts with, “Our Father in Heaven”. We now have a personal relationship with God and know him as our Heavenly Father.

If you watch this short movie called, ‘Living Free’ or click here for a cartoon presentation you’ll see how you can get to know God as your Father too, and become part of his family.

How to be saved?  What is the gospel?

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Mother Daughter Poem

I am Blessed – by Wilma Watson

I love you, my daughters, with all my heart

I’ve adored you all from the very start

I thank God for making you who you are

To me you’re jsut like shining stars

You give me encouragement and praise
I so appreciate your special ways

I love to talk with you and share
You show me that you really care

I’m so proud to call each my friend
On one another we can depend

With you in my life I am blessed
My daughters, you are the very best

Poem from Daughter to Mother or Mom

A Friend Forever – by Carolyn Tobias

What better friend to be yourself with
Than with a mother who knows you well enough to let go

To trust your choices and pray she’ll reap what she’s sown
It’s her dependable cheering for which she’s known

The strength to walk blindly because love calls
From my infant cry in those early morns

To adult tears for advice that just can’t wait
For a mom to whom you can relate

I’m blessed and to call you MY mother – it’s an honor.

Our daughter Carolyn, along with her husband and two children live in America. Our son, Peter, lives in Hong Kong and the rest of us live in Australia. We stay in touch regularly through Skype!

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