Changed For Life

Explore written stories about peole who have changed for life by being radically transformed and changed for life by the Jesus Christ. You too can be changed for life!

Stories of People Who Have Been Changed For Life

Buddhist Finds Forgiveness

As a Buddhist this is my story of how I found forgiveness and freedom. I was born into a Buddhist family and grew up in a Buddhist environment.

Read my story :  /buddhist-found-forgiveness/

 My Story – I Followed Buddhist Beliefs

As a Buddhist I followed the Buddhist beliefs and believed in Karma. My Buddhist beliefs led me to be very devoted to Buddha’s teachings. I wanted to follow Buddha’s way and believed in reincarnation, but I longed to break the cycle.

Read My story/my-story-buddhist-beliefs/

Testimonies of People From All Walks of Life Who Have Been Changed For Life

Read their stories: /testimonies

Professional Athletes – Changed for life

Movie Stars – Changed for life

Movie Stars – Changed for life

Business People – Changed for life

Addicted People – Changed for life

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