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Beating Stress

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Beating Stress by Rusty Wright

How do you cope with stress? When you oversleep and you burn the breakfast and the dog is barking and your neighbor is rude and traffic is gridlocked and your car breaks down and its raining and you’re late to work and your boss is angry and your report is overdue and your emails bounce and your kid’s in the principal’s office again and your bank balance is low and your team lost last night and world news looks bleak and you wonder if the love of your life will ever pay you the attention you crave – how do you handle the stress?

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Dealing with Rejection

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Dealing with Rejection by Wilma Watson

Rejection! Who hasn’t experienced the horrible feeling of being rejected? Unfortunately we are often judged on what we do or say, which leads to either being accepted or rejected, valued or discarded.

The feeling of being rejected can come through a look, a sigh, comment, criticism or even silence – like when you apply for a job, summit a paper, send an email or letter and you get no reply!  Or when you get a rejection letter having applied for a job. What does it say, “I value you less.” Or “I don’t value you at all.” Or even, “I’d value you more if you were different”. Read more »

An Upside of Anger

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An Upside of  Anger by Wilma Watson 

Most of us are prone to anger! As we grow older, a certain degree of control keeps us in check, but the pot is on simmer and the lid is loosely fixed. An unexpected jolt, or a sudden increase in heat will nearly always result in a boiling cauldron.

In this article we will look at a root cause of anger and how to deal or manage your anger. There is an upside of anger when you find the root cause of your anger and become free from its power.  Read more »

How a Grudge Can Affect You

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How a Grudge Can Affect You? by Wilma Watson

Do you have a grudge? A grudge effects everyone emotionally and physically. This article and movie will show you what to do when you get hurt.

Can you think of someone who has hurt you so badly that you are finding it really hard to let go of the pain or grudge? As we go through life we all have to deal with feelings of anger, resentment or bitterness when people hurt us. Read more »