Behind The Name

Behind the name is a meaning. Names for baby can be as diverse as people.  The meaning behind the name and choosing the right baby’s name for your baby and understanding baby name meanings can be a very challenging and yet a fun exercise! This is my story…

The Meaning Behind the Name

by Wilma Watson

This is my story…

Before I was married I used to work as a midwife in Labor Ward. I have helped deliver over 1,000 babies. It was awesome every time I placed the baby in the mother’s arms for the first time. Often I would ask, ‘Do you have a baby’s name?’ The mother would look up at me with such pride, ‘Yes, his or her name is……’ I loved sharing their joy. Seeing the mother snuggle up to her baby and announcing her baby’s name!

I was destined to be married! An unmistakable inner thought filled my mind at the age of sixteen. I knew then that I would do nurses’ training, two years of bible college and then I would get married and go to Ethiopia as a missionary.

I christen, my husband to be had been a single missionary in Ethiopia for five years, when while praying, a strong impression came that God would give him a wife when he returned to Australia on leave.

On his way home, to save money, Bill stopped in Singapore and bought the engagement and wedding rings. He had just enough money left to buy a watch. The name of the watch was “Rebekah”. As he was reading the story of Rebekah in the Bible, this verse stood out “Just as I led Abraham’s servant to find a wife for Isaac, I will lead you to your future wife.” (Genesis, chapter 24) Hang in there! I am telling you this story so that you will understand why we named one of our daughters, Rebeccca.

Upon arriving in Australia, Bill went to visit the bible college where he had trained. On the way, Bill heard an inner voice saying, “She is in the college.” He prayed a prayer similar to Abraham’s servant, “Lord, let it be the first girl I meet.” I was the first girl he met! We were so sure of God’s plan for our lives that the next time we met we were engaged.

A few months later we were married and on our way as newly weds to work in an isolated area, southwest of the capital, Addis Ababa, in Ethiopia. After three challenging years we flew home to Australia for me to give birth to our eldest child. We named her Leanne Maree. Leanne was a name we always wanted if we had a girl. Maree was chosen because the night we were engaged we went to see the movie, ‘The Sound of Music’ and Maree was our modern version of Maria in the musical. So you see there is meaning behind the name!

We were back in Ethiopia for the birth of our second child. An American Doctor helped bring Carolyn Joy into the world, in a remote Ethiopian hospital. To minimize the risk of infection Doctor advised me to only stay in the hospital for one hour after giving birth. The nicest thing about the experience was bringing our little bundle of joy home! Carolyn Joy was named after the Doctors daughter’s.

With each pregnancy we expected a boy! He was to be called Peter as Peter’s character in the Bible reminded me of myself. He was outgoing, loving, passionate and spoke his mind. We did not have ultra sound in Ethiopia to determine the sex of the baby so we anxiously waited to see if we would have a Leanne or Peter.

When Carolyn was coming it was Carolyn or Peter. I was pregnant again when we left Ethiopia at the beginning of the communist’s occupation. This time it would be Peter Andrew of Rebecca Grace. Rebecca Grace won – she was named after Bill’s watch brand –Rebekah and Grace is my second name!

With three beautiful girls we both agreed that Peter was not to be! Until one night I was reading from the Bible and these words stood out, “Next year you will have a son.” Peter Andrew was born nine months later. You see was a meaning behind the name!

No doubt if you are having a child or have had children you can tell a story of how you came to choose your baby’s name. Choosing the right baby’s name is one of those big decisions you will have to make in life.

Talking of names! Another big decision you will have to make is whether you will have your name written down in Heaven. The Bible says clearly that the moment you become God’s child your name is written down in Heaven. When you become his child your name is recorded in his family register. I am speaking of spiritual birth.

Watch this move called, ‘Living Free’ and you will discover how you can have your name written down in Heaven and be sure your eternal destiny.

 How do I find God?  How to be saved?

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Behind the name is a meaning.  In my story I have sought to share that choosing the right baby’s name for your baby and understanding baby name meanings can be a very challenging and yet a fun exercise!

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