About Faith

Learn about faith from Joseph in the Bible and how to stay in faith when going through a tough time. A free short movie about faith and give you keys that will help you stay in faith when asking, “Where is God when I need him?”

Where is God?  What is faith?

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 About Faith 

I have asked several people which of the 10 sessions of the movies, ‘Living Free’ they enjoy the most and many have said, “Session Three”.  Why?  It is because we live in a fallen world, and good people can hurt!

Joseph teaches us about faith

We can read and learn much about faith from the life of Joseph in the Bible. (Genesis chapers 37-50)  He was sold by his brothers into slavery, purchased from them by Potiphar, a member of the personal staff of Pharaoh, the king of Egypt. The Lord greatly blessed him there, putting him in charge of Potiphar’s household and all his business affairs.

The Bible says Joseph was a very handsome young man. One day, Potiphar’s wife suggested that he come and sleep with her. Because he refused, she had him put in prison.

At this point Joseph could have felt like we all do at times: “Where are you God in all this?”  But God hadn’t forgotten him!  Thirteen years later… Pharaoh had a dream. He had heard that Joseph had interpreted dreams for other prisoners and that what he said came true, so he sent for Joseph to explain his dream.

When Joseph’s interpretation of his dream pleased Pharoah, he made him the manager of the nation to prepare for seven abundant years and seven years of famine.

Joseph’s family came to Egypt during the famine to purchase grain.  The Bible says when Joseph met with them he wept greatly and said, “God has sent me here to keep you and your families alive, so that you will become a great nation.

An encouraging story for anyone wondering in the midst of their pain, “Where are you God?”  You can read about Joseph in full in Genesis chapter 37-48.

Ever asked, “God where are you?”  I know I have!  I have often  asked God when things are tough, “God, have you lost my address?”

To what degree can we rely on God to be with us? Is He really someone we can turn to at all…in times of crisis as well as times of calm?

Where is God when you need him? Trust you have been encouraged in understanding more about faith from the life of Joseph and that the movie has helped you to stay in faith when asking, “Where is God when I need him?”  Be assured, God loves you and hasn’t lost your address!

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