How to Enjoy Life With a Companion

Get a life! See how to enjoy life with a companion.  Create an exciting, life of adventure and enjoy life with a companion.  An article that will help you get a life by showing you how to work on your relationships.

How to Enjoy Life With A Companion

“A Companion – What does it look like?”

Normally when I think about a companion or companionship, I think of the kind you see between aging couples, I think of tartan knee rugs, cups of tea and crocheted jumpers for the grandkids. You know, just pottering around the house together until one of us finally kicks the bucket.

When some women think of a companion or companionship they think of strolls along the beach.

I’m not sure if this is how you think of  a companion or companionship but there’s something you need to understand about your man. We are risk takers. We like driving fast and jumping out of planes and buying Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Most men will never truly ‘grow up’.

Sure I’ve taken on the responsibilities of adulthood, I’m a husband, a father and a productive member of society but no matter how mature I am I still want to go play paintball and shoot someone at point blank range.

Now as usual I’m speaking in generalities, some of the best times I share with my wife are the times we share a picnic, lie on the grass listening to music and just getting back in touch with each other on a romantic level. But this is more like that growing old together kind of a companion or companionship I mentioned earlier. Not the kind I’m trying to communicate here.

John Eldredge wrote a book entitled ‘Wild at Heart’; in it he states that every man has three underlying needs in life. These are a battle to fight, a beauty to rescue and an adventure to live.

It’s true, we men crave risk and we crave adventure, we get so bored with the mundane grind of daily life.

As John says in his book there are no little boys who want to grow up to be really nice guys. They all want to be firemen or astronauts. I can’t help notice that these are professions that are inherently risky and full of adventure.

The world we live in today is becoming more and more risk averse. The very nature of boys is under threat because boys naturally like to be rough, take risks and stomp around.

We spend all our time telling little Johnny to stop that, don’t climb that and get down from there. Poor little Johnny is only doing what God created him to do. He’s trying to live a life full of adventure! Be careful not to squash that in your boys and in your man.

We need it desperately and if we don’t get it we can turn to other unsavoury things to fill the void…

More on that later!

There is an advertisement for tyres on television at the moment where all the cars are those carnival bumper cars, the voiceover states, “we all want to live in a safer world, where life’s little mishaps can be fixed with a simple wave”. I hate that ad. I actually don’t want to live in a safer world, how boring that would be. I want to do something dangerous! Something that would be a great story for the grandkids! Imagine a granddad with no stories to tell, what a travesty!

Unfortunately risk takers are no longer celebrated in modern culture; If at all possible they are diagnosed with some disorder and given personality destroying drugs. We seem to be trying to remove all possibility of negative consequences from our lives but we need to take some risks in life or we become destined to live a meaningless existence.

It’s no accident that the vast majority of people who play video games are male and it’s also no accident that the most popular ones are filled with guns, killing and fast cars.

Men are bored pushing paper at work and helping around the house at night. Video game addiction is a growing concern and so it should be. Boys are growing into men who are still playing games into their forties! Could it be they simply need to ‘get a life’? I mean that in all sincerity, by ‘get a life’ I mean get some adventure.

I mentioned earlier that men can turn to unsavoury things to fill the void. Video games are ok as a past time but they can ruin relationships if there is an addiction involved. Pornography, alcohol and gaming are the most common but there can be many others. They give him a sense of adventure, there’s risk involved and, well, I hesitate to say it but you should be used to me by now, it can just be more exciting than life at home. This is in no way an excuse for his poor choices or his poor behaviour…

I’m simply suggesting that we were created to live a life of adventure and if this need isn’t fulfilled in a Godly way within a loving relationship then it may get fulfilled in other more destructive ways.

Watch this short movie, called ‘Living Free’ and discover how you can have a loving relationship with God.

How to be saved?  What is the gospel?

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 Its true men want adventure but it’s equally true that they want to share that adventure with someone! You and he were created to share a journey together that is unique, God inspired and adventurous. Do something crazy with your man!

Start taking some leaps of faith and see where you could end up. What you are actually doing is allowing him to become adventurous, and in the process you’re creating great memories together through the power of companionship.

Watch it revitalise your relationship, watch his youthful energy begin to return and you’ll be surprised that as you do more fun stuff together your ability to communicate will increase dramatically along with a hundred other benefits. He will talk to you like he has never talked before if you can get his blood going on the adventure of a life time, or should that be a life time of adventure?

A companion or companionship isn’t something for old age when the kids have grown up and moved away. A companion or companionship is a powerful force that can keep your relationship vital and growing today.

 Written by Mark Paul.

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Get a life! Did you see how to enjoy life with your companion? How to create an exciting, life of adventure and  enjoy life with your companion?  This article will help you get a life by showing you how to work on your relationship.