Who is a Pastor?

Who is a Pastor? A Pastor is a carer. The term comes from Latin which means “Shepherd”.  A shepherd is one who cares for a folk of sheep. Watch the short movie and you’ll find the answer to your question: Who is a Pastor?  You’ll discover how much the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, loves you and can meet your every need.

Who is a Pastor?

Who is Pastor? Nowadays, a Pastor is one who cares for, encourages and offers support to people with emotional, mental or spiritual needs.

We are seeking to answer your question: Who is a Pastor? The word “Pastor” is often used as a title to show his particular work or ministry.

The person who does Pastoral care can be a Chaplain who visits patients in hospital, jail or other institutions. He is a spiritual guide appointed for sporting clubs, armed services, churches or schools.

By asking, “Who is a Pastor, or what is a Pastor?” indicates to me that you may be seeking some sort of spiritual help.

As a Pastor, please allow me to direct you to the Good Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ. Watch this short video and you’ll discover how much he loves you.