In the Afterlife: What is Heaven really like?

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We often use the expression “It’s heaven!” when describing an ultimate experience. None of us really know exactly what Heaven is really like.  Except… Read more »

Wow’s Testimony

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wow Wows TestimonyI was born into a Buddhist family and grew up in a Buddhist environment. I always thought that getting to heaven would be very difficult for me. According to Buddha’s teaching, a man who will go to heaven is one who has no sin at all. I knew that was impossible for me because I knew I was a sinner.

A Buddhist can still eventually hope to reach heaven by earning “merit”, which comes from following sets of moral rules. As far as I could tell, Buddhist monks were the ones keeping those rules. Most young adult males in my country are encouraged to join a monastery for a period of time, especially since if you become a monk, your parents may also go to heaven though your merit. So I decided to spend some time at a monastery, where I studied Buddhist scriptures and found that there are more than 2,000 rules for monks to strictly obey in order to get to heaven. Read more »

Tai’s Testimony

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tai Tais TestimonyI grew up in a Thai-Chinese family, which is also Buddhist. I was naturally Buddhist as well, and became very devoted to Buddha’s teachings. Because I believed in reincarnation, I wanted to follow Buddha’s way of getting out of that cycle.

My friend from university, who also is now my sister-in-law, went to live in Australia where she became a Christian. It raised many questions in my mind, because I wondered why she’d made that decision, or perhaps if she’d been influenced by others.

When the time was right, I came to Australia to study, and have been living with her and her relatives, who are all Christian. The more we discussed Christianity, the more questions I had and the more I thought I couldn’t accept it was true. I knew that if I accepted everything about Jesus, it meant that everything I’d invested to earn merit in Buddhism, was worth nothing. Read more »

Created to be Loved and to Love

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Created to be loved and to love by Wilma Watson

My story of how my chemical romance changed my life. I was created to be loved and to love. “The most significant fact about people is that they were made to love and to be loved. We were designed for relationship,” says psychologist Larry Crabb.

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How a Grudge Can Affect You

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How a Grudge Can Affect You? by Wilma Watson

Do you have a grudge? A grudge effects everyone emotionally and physically. This article and movie will show you what to do when you get hurt.

Can you think of someone who has hurt you so badly that you are finding it really hard to let go of the pain or grudge? As we go through life we all have to deal with feelings of anger, resentment or bitterness when people hurt us. Read more »