Conversation Between Friends

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The Accountant’s Prayer:

Lord, help me be more relaxed about insignificant details…
Starting tomorrow at 10.53:16 am, Eastern Daylight Saving Time.

Conversation Between Friends

by Wilma Watson

I wanted to call
But I didn’t know what to say
I got really hurt
When you said that today

I’m so sorry
I didn’t mean to hurt
I just reacted
And later felt like dirt

I had to laugh
When I saw him sitting there
He was so hot
And all you could do was stare

What do you think
I should have done?
Wait till he moves
So he feels he has won?

I don’t know
Sometimes it takes just a step
And before long
You are glad you have met

He’s such a funny man
I heard him say as he drove away
I don’t suffer from insanity
I enjoy every minute of the day

That cracks me up
Do you think that he’ll be?
Just as funny
When he’s with me?

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