Advice About Men Series

The ‘Advice About Men’ series, written by Mark Paul goes across 5 areas of the relationship and dynamic between Men and Women. ‘Advice About Men’ is an attempt to help explain about what makes the testosterone-charged gender tick.  Over the next few weeks, we will be exploring these touchy subjects, and spreading some light on things that otherwise tend to go unsaid.

Your Destiny Your Choice

‘Advice About Men’ Series

Men Need Encouragement

Advice about men – Discover what encouragement can do to a man.

How Men Think

Advice about men – Discover that the greatest need is respect.

What Men Want

Advice about men – Discover why men like to problem solve.

Men and Women’s Differences

Advice about men – Men are different!

How to Enjoy Life With Your Companion

Advice about men – Learn how to work on a relationship