Spirituality Made Simple

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Spirituality Made Simple is a free E-book, with 28 colored cartoons to help illustrate how you can develop your relationship with God and enjoy all the good things he has for you.

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Chapter 1 – THE SECRET IS OUT!

  1. You have received God‘s acceptance
  2. You have received freedom
  3. You have received God‘s nature and power 
  4. You have received direct access
  5. You have received spiritual armour
  6. You have received spiritual authority
  7. You have received spiritual equipment

Chapter 2 – DON’T GET ROBBED

  1. Not believing God‘s word
  2. Fear
  3. Not forgiving others
  4. Indulging in lustful thoughts and sexual sins

Chapter 3 – SHARE IT AROUND!

  1. You have the power of prayer
  2. You have the help of the Holy Spirit
  3. Share it around through friendship

“The stories scattered throughout ’Spirituality Made Simple’ provide a rubber meets the road feel, a reality check, showing how the information can be applied to real life.  If you are facing challenges, the information and prayers included with this book will help you enormously.” 

- Jill Wiseman, Counselor & Welfare Officer


* Continually struggle with low self-esteem.

* Dare to admit they are still emotionally attached to their previous sexual partners.

* Feel restless or confused because they have used spiritual powers from sources other than God.

* Feel angry and find it hard to forgive those who have hurt them.

* Feel frustrated that they have not been able to break an addiction.

* Struggle to overcome secret fears.

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