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Living Free Movies Christianity

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What Is Christianity About?

What is Christianity about? Find out just who is a Christian and what Christianity is about in a free 12-minute movie. It will help you understand what Christianity is about. Discover what God is like and who Jesus is. Find a friend in Jesus and the will of God for your life!

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How do I find God?

Is the cry of your heart, Help me God or How do I find God? God help me find you! Learn how to find God and see God help you. Find God through a free movie that clearly explains how to know God and have a relationship with God, right now!

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What is Prayer?

Why pray? Learn what is prayer about, how to have a conversation, chat, listen and talk to God. Discover more about what is prayer and see the God of miracles through prayer, and what the Bible says what is prayer about.

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How to pray

Learn how to pray to God – different ways to pray to God. The Lord’s Prayer is, without doubt, the true pattern of all prayer. Discover how to pray and the power of prayer through a movie called, ‘Living Free’.

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What is the Bible About?

What is the Bible about? The Bible is about Christian faith. Faith in God comes from hearing and reading the Word of God, the Bible. A movie will help you understand what is the Bible about and lead you from faith to faith.

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God and Love

Is God love? Learn about God and love. Watch a free movie and discover that God and love go together. God loves you unconditionally. God and love will change your life.

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Help me Lord

Help me Lord. Give me some hope. Help me Lord to learn what to do when discouraged – discouraged from a weakness that is stopping me fulfilling my dreams and desires. Download the free short film ‘Living Free’ and discover how Jesus paid the price to set you free from a weakness, addition and curses.

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What is Religion?

A short, modern movie will answer the question, What is religion?, and then explain the difference between Christianity and religion, law and grace. Learn how religion binds you but Christianity extends grace to others when hurt.

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What is The Truth?

What is Truth? Discover the real truth. A short free movie explains what is truth. It gives Bible truths which teaches us a great deal about truth. The word ‘truth’ in the Bible also means ‘reality’.

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What to Pray For

Need a miracle? Becoming a child of God is a miracle. Pray to the God of miracles! A teaching movie will show you what to pray for and when you pray for others.

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Living Free: Your Response

A lot of time, effort and money have gone into producing these sessions. Click Here to Show your appreciation!

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Living Free: Downloads

All movies can be viewed or downloaded FREE in MP4 zip file format and PDF.

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