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A Love Story

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Retold by Carolyn Tobias. Carolyn is the second daughter to Bill and Wilma Watson producers of this website. She lives in USA with her husband who is a professional drummer.

finding your way A Love Story(Bill says, “It’s a story of ‘How I met your mother”. you can have a personal relationship with God too and discover his plans for your life. To discover how, click here.)

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Let’s Stay In Love

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Let’s Stay In Love by Wilma Watson

Love it or hate it. Love is here to stay. Do you still have the same feelings as when you first fell in love? Or has your relationship gone stale? See how you can keep your love growing and alive!
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Created to be Loved and to Love

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Created to be loved and to love by Wilma Watson

My story of how my chemical romance changed my life. I was created to be loved and to love. “The most significant fact about people is that they were made to love and to be loved. We were designed for relationship,” says psychologist Larry Crabb.

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