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Wow’s Testimony

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wow Wows TestimonyI was born into a Buddhist family and grew up in a Buddhist environment. I always thought that getting to heaven would be very difficult for me. According to Buddha’s teaching, a man who will go to heaven is one who has no sin at all. I knew that was impossible for me because I knew I was a sinner.

A Buddhist can still eventually hope to reach heaven by earning “merit”, which comes from following sets of moral rules. As far as I could tell, Buddhist monks were the ones keeping those rules. Most young adult males in my country are encouraged to join a monastery for a period of time, especially since if you become a monk, your parents may also go to heaven though your merit. So I decided to spend some time at a monastery, where I studied Buddhist scriptures and found that there are more than 2,000 rules for monks to strictly obey in order to get to heaven. Read more »

Tai’s Testimony

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tai Tais TestimonyI grew up in a Thai-Chinese family, which is also Buddhist. I was naturally Buddhist as well, and became very devoted to Buddha’s teachings. Because I believed in reincarnation, I wanted to follow Buddha’s way of getting out of that cycle.

My friend from university, who also is now my sister-in-law, went to live in Australia where she became a Christian. It raised many questions in my mind, because I wondered why she’d made that decision, or perhaps if she’d been influenced by others.

When the time was right, I came to Australia to study, and have been living with her and her relatives, who are all Christian. The more we discussed Christianity, the more questions I had and the more I thought I couldn’t accept it was true. I knew that if I accepted everything about Jesus, it meant that everything I’d invested to earn merit in Buddhism, was worth nothing. Read more »