Best Friend Poem

Best friend poem that will enspire you.  The  friendship and best friend poem plus my story will reveal the true meaning of friendship and what it takes to be a best friend.

Best Friend Poem

Friendship is based on the giving of two
And it can come right out of the blue

You will both know when it’s God’s design
For the combination will be just fine

Someone who’ll accept you just as you are
And then treat you like a movie star!

Someone who is on your wave length
Giving you an inner strength!

Someone on whom you can depend
Totally loyal to the very end!

Someone you can share both good and bad
Whose support will make you glad!

Someone who’ll keep your secrets true
And will not judge the things you do!

Someone who’s forgiving every day
And will stop gossip right away!

Would you like a good friend like that?
One with whom you can freely chat?

Discover the True Meaning of Friendship or being a Best Friend

My story…

My husband and I met Craig (not his real name) shortly after his mother told him he was adopted. He was 26 years of age! We were able to give Craig constant support through this difficult time. It was the beginning of a deep and meaningful friendship.

Craig often dreamt of finding his real mum. Since work consumed most of his time we offered to help him look for her. After several weeks of numerous phone calls, looking through genealogical files and the internet, we rang with the sad news. His mum had died in a car accident in Northern Australia when he was very young. We were there for him as he went through the grieving process. But hey, that’s what best friend is for!

Then there is our greatest friend of all. We talk to him every day. Sometimes several times a day! He has sacrificed his life for us, accepts us as we are and constantly encourages us. His name is Jesus! He wants to be your good friend too.

A movie called, ‘Living Free’ to see how you can become Jesus‘ friend!

How to be saved?  What is the gospel? - Living Free

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Did you learn what is true friendship through quote on friendship and friendship poem? Friendship quote, best friend and friendship poem plus my story we sought to reveal the true meaning of friendship.